Diwali, the joyful festival of lights, is here. What better way to celebrate than lighting up the lives of vulnerable children in India? This Diwali, you can give the gift of sponsorship. And together, we’ll create a better — and brighter — future for girls and boys in India.


Many children in India — especially girls — are facing harsh realities every day. And life can be unpredictable — even when progress is made, everything can fall apart with just one sip of unclean water, or a monsoon, or a health crisis, like COVID-19. But you can help girls and children see a better future. With a gift to Plan International USA, you can help create sustainable change and address the root causes of poverty and inequality in India. Donations can support programs, innovation and infrastructure required to deliver our programs to girls and children in India, in areas such as protection, education, health, sanitation, disaster relief and economic empowerment.


You can stop girls in India from being torn away from their homes and loved ones.

Human traffickers are becoming more sophisticated and manipulative by the day. They don’t just snatch girls off the street anymore – they often first target them on social media or through mutual friends. They’ll pose as relatives. Sometimes they are relatives. They’re also skilled liars, and will offer high-paying jobs or a chance at a better future.

Often, girls don’t realize they’re being tricked until it’s too late. Until they’re living in a nightmare.

And as COVID-19 wreaks havoc on economies, poor families are getting more and more desperate. From Plan’s experience, we know that girls who are forced into early marriages are at a much higher risk of being trafficked. Parents might think marriage will offer their daughters safety and financial security. They might not know there is a ruthless trafficker hiding behind the mask of a potential suitor.

But through Plan’s PROTECT program, you can turn victims into survivors. And you can prevent girls from being taken in the first place.

When you give a gift to PROTECT, you’ll be educating girls and their families on how to recognize traffickers and stay safe. You’ll be helping transform communities into safer environments, where all children are protected.

Just like with everything Plan does, girls are at the center of the PROTECT program. Girls in India will get the chance to become youth advocates and leaders for the project by helping design awareness campaigns to teach their communities about trafficking.

Your gift will also help to connect survivors with critical resources, especially counseling and other mental health support.

And in response to COVID-19, PROTECT will also help meet families’ immediate needs, because we know financial stress is linked to trafficking. Your gift can help provide families with dry rations, nutritional supplements and hygiene kits. In the long term, the project will also offer training so that survivors, as well as other girls and young people, can gain in-demand skills that will help them find employment.

No matter where you are in the world, you have the power to protect young girls in India right now. And they need you now more than ever.



Interested in donating your time to help children in India? We’d love to be able to benefit from your expertise, passion and energy. Whether you’re a doctor who can help in a clinic, or a teacher who can bring new perspectives to a classroom, or simply someone who wants to see to Plan’s impact firsthand, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re interested in exploring volunteer opportunities during your next visit to India, please contact us to start the conversation.